September 30, 2017


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Wow, the feedback Fortnite has gotten so far has BLOWN ME AWAY. Since the early release, it has already sold 1 million units. Fortnite is on track to be Epic Games’ most successful game ever! It’s so gratifying to see this type of response in the midst of working on a project. With composing for any type of media you don’t get to hear the feedback until its release. The great thing with video games is that with their betas and early releases, you get a taste of what people are thinking and saying about the game. Scoring for video games has always been a passion on top of my list right next to writing for film and, of course, sailing!

Fornite is a video game currently being developed by Epic Games that will be released on all platforms. The game is a co-op sandbox survival game that is all about exploration, scavenging, crafting, building and fighting monsters. A really fun game for those of you who love to explore and create! Epic Games have also developed the Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade titles.

In October we will be recording the soundtrack for the game with a 70-piece orchestra. I’m SO excited to get back in front of the talented musicians I work with and hear the music firsthand. I can’t wait to share more updates about Fortnite, –stay tuned!

Seeing Kandor For The First Time - From "Krypton" Fortnite - Intro and Rocket Launch