November 4, 2011


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I was presented the International Film Music Critics Association Award for Best Comedy Score in 2010 for my score to The Lightkeepers. I was awarded and presented by IFMCA members Jon Broxton and Oscar Flores for my work on the film. I had tough competition that year being up against wonderful colleges and became the first female composer ever to win an IFMCA Award.

The Lightkeepers is a film directed and written by Daniel Adams. The film takes place on Cape Cod in 1912. A lighthouse keeper who has disavowed any association with females must deal with the sudden appearance of two women who move into a nearby cottage for the summer

The IFMCA has been around since the 1990s and was founded by one of my favorite music journalists, Mikael Carlsson. Its membership includes multiple journalists who write for established soundtrack-related publications such as: Film Score Monthly, Filmtracks, SoundtrackNet and many more. The main goal of the group is to promote legitimate film music composers and artists as worthy of recognition from the mainstream media.

I had a wonderful time writing for The Lightkeepers. To be recognized for my writing is a wonderful bonus to working on such a beautiful film!

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