March 26, 2018


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Krypton is finally here! Returning to the DC universe after writing additional music on Justice League has been nothing short of an incredible honor. I’ve been such a big Superman fan growing up, not only the Donner films but also the comics, so everyday I step into the studio and I take a look at the new scene I’m working on that day, I still can’t believe that I’m part of such a wonderful legacy.
One of my favorite things about the show itself is that anything can happen. So with the score, we didn’t feel confined to a musical vocabulary in any way and I’ve been blessed to have the freedom to create a sonic world that is unique to our world, Krypton…With its cinematic effects,  superb acting and plethora of intriguing characters like Seg-El, Brainiac and Adam Strange and the different guilds and houses, Krypton is  truly a gift for a composer. The strong characters and compelling plots in the show gave me the chance to explore different themes and textures as well as design unique sounds. It was particularly fun to create custom sounds for the character Brainiac and the sounds that encapsulate the world of ‘Krypton’.
Apart from having the opportunity to write for such an amazing show, the true privilege for me has been to be a part of such an incredible and supportive team. From the producers to the writers and editors, everyone involved has been truly remarkable for which I am forever grateful. I feel like we are all first and foremost fans, so we are all having the best time.
Seeing Kandor For The First Time - From "Krypton" Fortnite - Intro and Rocket Launch